We are a team of mathematicians and engineers who want to provide a secure, reliable, and easy-to-use email service

Tradition and innovation

Our ServerMX team is based on the island of Sardinia in the center of the Mediterranean where we have strong cultural roots. We are dedicated to bringing cutting edge innovation and technological services to you.

Email artisans

We like to define ourselves as email craftsmen, because we have designed our own email software. We love to create with patience, passion, and we love what we do.

Customers first

We want to be close to our customers to meet their daily needs. You'll never be confronted with an auto-responder. Behind every answer to your questions, there are real people who respond directly to you.

About us

We are an independent email service provider borned in 2012.

We utilize open source email software as we share their inspiring principles. Open source allows even smaller companies to compete with big companies.

We believe that e-mail, beyond temporary fads, is a basic building block in the world of communications and for this reason we will continue to put all our efforts to raise the level of the e-mail services.

— The team

The team

My name is Antonio and I am the founder of Servermx. When I founded Servermx in 2012, I decided to pursue the values that have always been a reference point in these years: to put the customer and his or her needs at the center. My dream is to help the companies to grow on their own providing them with technologies and tools. Their independence is the goal of my job. I have a degree in Mathematics and have been working for over 30 years in information technology, I'm married, have five children, and like jogging and spending holidays with my family in the mountains.

— Antonio Cordeddu

The founder

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