Terms & Conditions

Article 1 - Preamble
The company “Coranto Informatica di Antonio Cordeddu” (hereafter called Supplier) has provided an internet service of mail hosting named servermx.com whose purpose is to provide electronic mail management.

Article 2 – Contract scope
The Supplier ensures the availability of the e-mail service to customers who are subscribers of the paid service (hereafter called Customer). The service consists of a web Access area reserved for the main configuration relevant for all mail boxes, and a stand-alone user-interface for individual mail boxes, according to the characteristics explained in the section "Description of the service".

Article 3 - Supplier's obligations
The Supplier undertakes to make this service accessible all weekends and weekdays, 24 hours a day, ensuring a minimum availability by 99.5 %. The execution of scheduled maintenance services will be communicated by the supplier with a minimum of 48 hours notice by publication in www.servermx.com site and/or other suitable way. The time of scheduled maintenance will not be counted for the purposes of calculating the minimum availability guaranteed. The scheduled maintenance concerns the activities carried out regularly by the Contractor to keep the service covered by the contract

Article 4 - Customer' obligations
Customer shall ensure the accuracy and veracity of all data entered during registration. The Customer undertakes to preserve with the utmost care the codes for access to the reserved area of the site. The Customer is obliged to promptly notify the Supplier by e-mail of any irregularities or dysfunctions found in the service. The service cannot be used by the customer for sending bulk or massive emails. The service cannot be used by the customer for pyramid or multi-level marketing schemes, chain emails, junk emails, spamming / unsolicited messages (commercial or otherwise), customer cannot defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity).

Article 5 - Contract duration, renew and termination
This contract has a duration specified in the purchased offer. If the service is not renewed prior its expiration date, it will be guaranteed a further period of seven days, after which the service will be closed.

Article 6 - Payment and service activation
The payment service is entrusted to the company PayPal. The Supplier does not record in any way in their server data payments made by the Customer. The service will be activated upon payment receipt.

Article 7 - Refund
Mail hosting prepaid services are nonrefundable, exceptions will be made in sole discretion of servermx.com when the customer provides a real reason for requesting the refund.

Article 8 - Applicable law and jurisdiction
These rules and Regulations are regulated by the Italian law. All matters related to the interpretation and implementation of the present contract which were not resolved amicably between the parties shall be settled by Court of Cagliari (Italy).

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