Unlimited custom domains

All packages allow you to use your own domain names without any limitation.

If you haven't your own domain you can choose a servermx-domain-name or buy a new one from our partner iwantmyname.

Complete flexibility and ease of management

Easily manage all your mail domains from a single, integrated web interface. Have multiple domains and subdomains under your complete control in which to create and manage your mailboxes. There are no limitations to the number of domains you can manage with servermx. Our web interface is user friendly and has been designed to operate simply, effectively and simultaneously with multiple domains. It is not required for you to choose the domain during the registration process, you can add domains at any time without restrictions.

Dedicated web area for individual user mailbox

With each mailbox, the user has his reserved area. This reserved area is designed to provide functionalities such as changing passwords, activating/de-activating autoresponder and forward.


In order to provide the highest reliability of our mail service, we use a primary and secondary (backup) mail server. The goal of the backup server is to keep incoming emails on behalf of the primary server when the primary mail server is not reachable. You do not have to worry about managing all of these servers, we will do it for you.

Your Privacy is our Priority

We keep your data in a safe place. The protection of personal and sensitive information is mandatory by the legislation under which servermx.com operates. Our privacy policy guarantees that your emails will be protected and that nobody else other than yourself will have access to your mailbox. We do not scan your e-mails for marketing purposes or any other reason; furthermore, Emails sent from servermx.com do not contain your private IP address.

Encryption into your email

Your emails have the utmost of confidentiality. You will be able to use SSL/TLS encryption for reading and sending emails. To provide the highest level of confidentiality our MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) uses SSL encryption during the delivery phase.

Spam and antivirus protection

We know the problems that come from spam and unsolicited email, this is why we ensure that spam with the virus and unsolicited emails are intercepted before they reach your mailbox. Our anti spam-virus system (Spamassassin and ClamAV) operates parallel to the mail system. This system is up and running permanently on a dedicated and separate host and only focuses on capturing the junk emails.

SMTP with DKIM digital signature

Outgoing messages are signed with DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) by our SMTP outgoing server. DKIM, DomainKeys Identified Mail is a way to associate a domain name with an email message. Before outgoing e-mail messages are delivered to the sender, our server adds a header which represents the digital signature of the message. The server-recipient reads the signature header received and through a DNS record in the domain, shown a container of the valid public key, validates the received message. For incoming emails, our system checks that emails, from a server are authorized by that domain's administrators and that the email (including attachments) has not been modified during transport.

Access from any device and support for languages "right-to-left"

You can access your mailbox using any devices from anywhere with a personal computer, tablet, smartphone or Blackberry. You will have a SMTP server with authentication for sending emails that can be used with SSL/TLS protocol. Four webmail interfaces are available,"RoundCube" , "SquirrelMail", "Afterlogic" and "SOGo". SquirrelMail is suited for small mobile devices and RoundCube for PC and tablet computers. We also provide the web client Afterlogic which has support for languages written in a "right-to-left"  direction (RTL).

Get organized with calDAV and cardDAV from everywhere

With our e-mail hosting, you will have cardDAV and calDAV services. You will be able to manage your contacts and calendars from everywhere, our service works with our web application and all of your devices. You can also use Apple iCal, Android, and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Dedicated Technical Support

Included in all of our offers is full dedicated support. We are always available by mail and ticket to answer your questions and help you with all your inquiries. We know that your emails are critical and important, we can help you in making the best decisions. If you wish to move from your old provider, we can assist you on how to migrate your mailboxes to servermx.com. It is important to know what are the mechanisms that govern the protocols involved during the whole process in delivering/receiving e-mails. Each of these protocols must be well understood to perform optimally in the management of the entire chain of email hosting.

Dropbox connector

You will no longer need to waste your time in saving or searching attachments among your dozens, hundred emails.
Every email you will receive is processed by our servers and, if an attachment is detected, it will be moved to your Dropbox storage, divided by domain name.

Server redundancy

We use data-centres located in Canada, Germany and France that have high standards of reliability and an optimal internet connection. Backup MX server is situated in a different geographic location acting as a secondary mail server. The goal of the backup server is to keep incoming emails on behalf of the primary server when the primary mail server is not reachable.

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