Email and Web Hosting Separate? Excellent choice.

When you purchase website hosting your website host usually offer you email boxes included in your pack.

The final result is, more or less, Something like : Professional, not anonymous an with your brand or name clearly stated.

In most cases, it’s not the best idea to have your email hosted by your website host.

Following we’ll share with you our idea why it’s an agreeable idea to save your email far from your website hosting, the best options for email, and details on how to set up email for yourself.


One problem is that you are Hosting your email and website on the same server.
Another one is that, usually, the “email” features is a core function of your business but it doesn’t for a hosting provider (The core business it’s the hosting) and even the support provides is secondary, in terms of quality, if compared to the one provided for the hosting.
One more issue might be that the Website hosting is not reliable and if the Hosting goes down for 1 day also your email goes down for 1 day.

Using website hosting for your email could chain you for more than the time you want.

Maybe at some point, you could decide to move your website somewhere else. Migrating a website is simple but migrating email can be a nightmare.

Obviously, If you worked with a reliable VPS or Dedicated Server it’s could seem ok, but you should take into account the infrastructure management costs and how to scale any further needs.


Worldwide, There are several solutions, and one is ours.

Our solutions for the email is focused on :
Support, Reliability, Features, Flexibility.

The support is the king for so important service such as the email.
That’s why we like to say that we provide a proactive support (it’s better to prevent a problem than facing) and we have in place several tools (lot of them highly customized to better fit the customer needs) to detect issues about, for instance: Privacy, Spam Management, Attachment management and so on.

We invest also in new features to make easier the email management such as, for example, the “Dropbox upload management” that allows to our customer to get the email attachment straight to in their Dropbox account without reading the email (it’s a features server-side based). here there are the major features provided by Servermx.


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  • Email and Web Hosting Separate? Excellent choice.

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