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Common issues

Migration issue from gmail

Before importing your emails from gmail you must first enable IMAP for your gmail account by

Log into your gmail account.

  • Click on the gear icon in the upper right, then select Settings.
  • Click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
  • Under IMAP Access, select the radio button for Enable IMAP and click on Save Changes. You should be back viewing your Inbox


It may happen that the migration process fails with gmail with the following error

click here to read the alert you get from gmail

When accessing the mailbox from multiple geographical regions, Google's servers may think this is an unauthorized attempt to access the mailbox. This error does NOT mean that credentials are invalid.
You also will receive an email from google with a subject of "Suspicious sign in prevented" that instructed you to change the password.

the involved hostname and IP are IP

With this error Google may block access to the mailbox because it believes the access may be unauthorized.
To resolve this issues you do not need to change your password but just log in to your gmail account from your usual location this should confirm that the host IP is a safe.

In order to migrate your account from google you need to enable imap protocol from your account settings.

Outgoing messages are rejected with ERROR: Your sender domain differs from the domain used for the authentication

You need to change the personality used in your client. The domain name used for the sender must be the same used for the authentication.
For example the userid="yourname@yourdomain.tld" can only send emails with the sender having the domain "yourdomain.tld".

If you need to break this rule please open a ticket.

My emailbox is rejecting some big emails 

Our email server rejects incoming/outgoing emails when the size of the emails is bigger than 20MB or 50MB (it depends from the package)
In this case the error message is similar to the following (when the limit is 20MB) 

Message size 28944193 is larger the limit {20971520} for {}

Incoming and outgoing messages have the size limit of 20MB or 50MB
(*) Keep in mind that the actual size of your emails is bigger than the file you attach to it because the email is base64 coded

I’m getting a lot of spam in my Inbox 

On the link below is described how to have the full control of spamassassin. Razor, Pyzor and Realtime Blackhole List can be set to help identify spam. Bayes rules are available, when Bayes auto learn is enabled the system will automatically process messages which are very likely to be spam/non spam and use the information from those to improve the detection filters.

click here for spam configuration

If you use sieve filers incoming emails classified as spam, by spamassassin, will not be moved into the Junk folder automatically.

sieve filter

SPF record. How to get rid of the 'on behalf of' message that shows for your recipients

When your domain name has not SPF record outgoing message might be marked as "via". In this case
you need to properly set up your SPF record in your DNS

click here for spf configuration 

My forward doesn't work immediately

When you set up a forward you need to check whether the recipient put emails in gray-list before accepting them.
In this case emails need to wait in the queue until our system re-submit them for delivering.
If you change or remove your forward when messages are still in the queue (for gray-listing) then theses messages cannot be delivered to the original recipient.
You need to wait until our system re-submit emails and this might take a couple of minutes.

SOGo doesn't send email reminder

Currenctly our installation of SOGo doesn't send email reminder. In order to be notified users need to log into their SOGo web interface or use the notification capability provided by their local client.


SMTP Error: Authentication failed

If you cannot send email from all web clients (roundcube, squirrel and sogo) with the error " SMTP Error (535): Authentication failed" then you need to logout and use your login with characters lowercase.

Why do my emails sometimes go into the spam folder?

In order to avoid that when you send an email this is put into the spam folder of the recipient you need to properly setup DKIM and SPF record in your DNS. This might be not sufficient because it depends on many factors, including the message content. Furthermore every receiving ISP (internet service provider) are using different spam filtering techniques which attempts to avoid spam.

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