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How to host your email at

step #1 - Servermx verification code

This step is for verifying that the user is the owner of his Domain Name. The user needs to make sure that he has the control of his DNS (Domain Name Server).

When a user subscribes for an account in a unique string is assigned to him, for example:

this string is the user's servermx verification code


step #2 - Ownership

To verify the ownership servermx needs to see the verification code as TXT record in the DNS. How to set up TXT record

After has verified the ownership the user will be able to manage mailboxes. Subdomains do not need any verification. For example, if a user proves to be the owner of the domain “yourdomain.tld” the following subdomains name do not need any verification.



step #3 - New Mail User

To avoid downtime the user has to create all mailboxes before setting MX records in his DNS. This step is made with “Mailboxes Management” in the Administrator Area.


step #4 - Update MX record

Now it is necessary to change the DNS of the user's Domain in order to have emails delivered to the new mailboxes How to set up MX records


step #5 - Mail Client Configuration

After setting MX records your mailbox will be able to receive emails. The user needs to configure his favorite mail clients. How to set up your client email

step #6 - Migration to the new mailbox

When the user comes from another mail provider and changes MX records some incoming emails can still use the old mailbox. This means that the old mailbox can still receive some residual emails. This can happen for a certain period defined by the TTL time (time to live) for the MX records (for example 3600 sec or 86400 sec). This is not a problem because as soon as the user is sure that his old mailbox is not catching emails anymore, can migrate the whole mailbox (all emails and dirs) to the new one without losing any emails.


Multiple Domain names

Users can use without changing their main Mail Hosting provider. To accomplish this the user can use the Multiple Domain names capability provided by

The user can add a subdomain that belongs to his Domain Name then set the MX records for this subdomain. For example: for the domain


the following subdomain name can be set up.


then the following MX records have to point the following servers:

sub.yourdomain.tld MX 10
sub.yourdomain.tld MX 20

so the mail box "yourname@sub.yourdomain.tld", can be used without interaction with other mail boxes.

Note: DNS propagation sometimes takes several hours and for that reason your TXT and MX records can't be used immediately upon submitting your changes in your DNS panel


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