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DKIM configuration

How to set up DKIM key


Any messages sent from our smtp servers are signed with DKIM signature using keys.
You do not need to set any values in your DNS nor creating any keys.
When a custom dkim key is required then the user has to add in his DNS a dedicated public key generated for his domain name.
This public key that has to be added in the DNS as the following TXT record


for example:

-----END PUBLIC KEY-----


DNS txt record:

servermx._domainkey.yourdomainname.tld.     TXT     "v=DKIM1; t=s; p=public key"

for example the value  "v=DKIM1; t=s; p=public key"  could be as follow

"v=DKIM1\; t=s\; p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQDb6VDQw8QhpwAhZwoFCm4fIh4qx4BgrFGN+vlcBGj+vVYPij8ZuNIav2FuR8vo2YMDIZ+fAGuEXHQep/8+pVcITZdX+hsnItQXyojQ9pUl0XvHvLoSdsxBjYCOMFiZmjS/UqZbYrVOm3Cc3k2+wuoPh6U9LyYhJS9iRNg+jaZ4tQIDAQAB"

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