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SOGo mailing list

The mailing list is a collection of email addresses. It is a tool used to send the same e-mail message to a list of contacts without having to rewrite each recipient's address each time.

It is used by companies, associations or individuals when they want to share information, invite to an event, send comments or advertise a product.

Our e-mail service also offers the possibility of creating mailing lists to facilitate your work or to communicate more easily with friends and family.

How to create a mailing list with SOGo?

1. Click on “Address Book”


2. Click on “New Card” and add your contacts


3. Click on “New List”


4. Fill in the spaces to write list name, list nickname and list description and click on the "+" symbol.


5. Write the names of your contacts you want to add to the list.


6. Your mailing list is ready!


7. Now you can send a single message to your team: select your mailing list and click on “write”.


8. The contacts of the mailing list “work” are automatically inserted among the recipients of your email.


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